Who we are

We are the Pro Transfer football agency – highest quality agency for the development of young talent in the Central Europe and Balkan region. Our story began in March 2013, and for over 10 years now, we have been successfully nurturing young players.

Our success doesn’t go unnoticed, as we have managed to achieve outstanding results, regardless of our small environment. However, we believe that it’s not about where we come from but how we think and how passionately we approach our work.
At Pro Transfer agency, we believe that a different approach brings the best results. Therefore, we carry out our work with innovation and creativity. We seek new paths that lead to success and open doors to new opportunities for our clients.

Enthusiasm is our driving force. Every day, we strive to perform our work with joy and passion. This positive energy connects us and inspires us to achieve the highest goals. With our approach, we aim to transfer this enthusiasm to our young talents and encourage them to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.

Our agency is synonymous with professionalism, integrity, and dedication. We collaborate with renowned experts and coaches who are ready to share their knowledge and experience with our clients. We carefully plan and tailor programs based on the individual needs and goals of each talent.

We have built strong ties with numerous clubs, organizations, and international partners, enabling us to provide our talents with the best opportunities for advancement and international breakthroughs.

Pro Transfer agency is more than just an agency; we are a community of ambitious and talented individuals striving for top-notch results. We combine forces, share knowledge, and create successful stories that will last a lifetime.

With pleasure, we strive to continue our mission and to keep helping young talents fulfill their dreams. Pro Transfer agency – where passion, innovation, and enthusiasm shape the future of talents!

Bašanović Elvis Owner
Dedić Zlatko
Mader Florian
Marić Milidrag Scout leader
Lasić Rade Scout
Pjevović Leo Player service